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Help our Planet - a poem

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Out in the space where the satellites orbits,

The Earth is a marble with swirls of clouds.

The kaleidoscope of colour is orbiting the sun fully every year.

Down on Earth we experience floods, heatwaves, fires and more.

Glaciers are melting, polar bears are starving.

Islands are flooding, sinking in the depths.

Trees are disappearing so is the wildlife.

The tangled mess in the ocean, the plastic soup, marine life dead.

All these problems and even more means,

we need to take action, action, action, and

we are the people who need to make action.

Some sit and wait for others to do the job, some don’t even bother,

Some just pray and some just hope it will magically go away.

This time the seeds of hope will not work but you are our only hope.

You are the seed, you can make the little differences because

When all the work pays of it will have a big impact.

This will ONLY happen if everyone joins in.

There is no tomorrow, so we need to act today!

What will you do to help our planet?

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1 Comment
Oct 11, 2021

Great poem

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